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Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


Why Fire Rated?

Why Fire Rated, Coated Joists?

How do coated joists benefit the Homeowner?

The homeowner is the ultimate customer, since this protected joist will be installed in his or her home. Why should the homeowner care whether or not coated joists are installed in his or her home? 

Fire Rated joists provide a cost effective way to protect unfinished basements

The homeowner may not finish the basement for a number of years after moving in. The unfinished basement exposes the joists.  Uncoated joists are dry and as susceptible to catching fire as kindling. The coated joist will provide important protection for the exposed joist because the intumescent paint is so difficult to ignite. Not to mention, that the joist has a clean, pristine, finished look.

Fire Rated joist is difficult to ignite and takes longer to burn through

Our SafeJoist is coated with a Fire Rated intumescent paint. This coating is very difficult to ignite.  Also, in the event of a fire, the unprotected joist burns through in about 5 minutes. This does not give the family much time to get out, and it does not give sufficient time for the first responders to enter the house to rescue potential victims and extinguish the fire. Very often, when the fire fighters arrive, they cannot enter the home because the main floor has already burned through. They are just able to prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent houses. The Fire Rated joist takes much longer to burn through, giving the family the time needed to get out safely, and will pose far less of a hazard to fire fighters who may have to enter the burning house. 

Fire Rated intumescent paint reduces the likelihood of growing mildew

The coating is treated with a fungicide (like most latex paints are) to reduce the likelihood of mildew growing on the joists. Since the joists and other framing materials are exposed to the elements during the construction phase, it is not uncommon for mildew to grow and remain undetected when the framing materials are closed in by drywall. The fungicide may not be effective against every strain of mildew, but it is formulated to counter the most common varieties.

And finally, the homeowner can have a much safer house at essentially no additional cost. Fire rated joists are far less costly than a sprinkler system or dry walling the underside of the main floor.


How do coated joists benefit the Builder?

Fire Rated joists reduce possibility of growing mildew, avoiding remedial treatments

The joists are delivered to the job site by the truss manufacturer and are typically deposited on the ground until the framers are ready for them. This means that they are exposed to all weather conditions, and to all those ingredients contributing to potential growth of mildew on unprotected joists. The coated joists reduce this possibility, and thereby reduce the likelihood of expensive remedial treatments.

Fire Rated joists minimize fire hazard on job sites

During the framing process, the houses are extremely vulnerable to fire. The Fire Departments are constantly being called to respond to job sites where houses under construction catch fire. A Fire Rated joist minimizes this risk.

Cost effective way to build a safer house

The Builder will be able to offer his client a safer house at essentially no additional cost to him, because the coated joist is not sold at a premium.


How do coated joists benefit the dealer (truss manufacturer)?

Coated joists resist deterioration due to weathering, reduce scrap and waste, minimize fire hazard in the yard

The joists are almost always supplied to the builder by the roof truss fabricators. The truss fabricators purchase the joists in truckload quantity and store them in their yard. As framing packages are made up for delivery to the job sites, bundles are opened and joists become exposed to the elements. A coated joist will resist deterioration due to weathering and will significantly reduce scrap and waste over the course of years. Large quantities of uncoated joists in the dealer’s yard can be susceptible to a major fire. Fire Rated joists can significantly minimize the fire hazard.


How do coated joists benefit FireFighters?

For no premium the floor of an average residence can be built with a much safer joist.

The development of the floor joist provided the residential house building industry with many obvious benefits. The wood I-joist was the main component of the “silent floor” that could span greater lengths, eliminating many teleposts from basements. In fact, there was only one disadvantage. In the case of a fire, the joist burned through is about 5 minutes, versus about 15 minutes for a solid sawn 2 x 10 or 2 x 12. Firefighters were shocked to discover that in the event of a fire, floors built with wood i-joists would collapse under their weight after burning for as little as 5 minutes, because the OSB web would burn through so quickly. Many firefighters in North America (as well as the many men, women and children attempting to escape a burning house) lost their lives as they crashed through floors that seemed to be intact, but had webs already burned through.

Firefighters have been very vocal in advocating code changes to overcome the risks posed by unprotected joists. In the USA, the building code now requires that homes using bare, unprotected joists must either have a sprinkler system, or the underside of the joists must be clad with drywall. Alternatively, the joists must have a fire rated protective coating. 

For this reason, when the new state of the art PinkWood facility was built in Calgary, we designed the equipment to be capable of coating the joists with a Fire Rated intumescent paint.


How do coated joists benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation?

We support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation by contributing a royalty for every gallon of intumescent PKshield paint used by PinkWood.