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Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


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PKShield (updated)

Fire Rated Coating

Our Fire Rated Coating is a water-based, proprietary, intumescent coating (called PKShield), which was developed by Cano Coating Inc. of Calgary. This product is specifically designed to be applied to construction lumber for the purpose of making it resistant to burning. When lumber coated with PKShield is exposed to heat, the coating puffs up in a cellular foam, shielding the lumber from the heat and depriving the surface area of oxygen. As a result, wood surfaces protected with PKShield are very difficult to ignite, and in the case of fire, this lumber takes far longer to burn.

PKShield also includes a fungicide (like most latex paints), which serves to reduce the likelihood of mildew growing on the paint surface. Since the I-joists and other framing materials are exposed to the elements during the construction phase, it is not uncommon for mildew to grow and remain undetected when the framing materials are closed in by drywall. The fungicide may not be effective against every strain of mildew, but it is formulated to counter the most common varieties. Please visit for more information. 

In 2009, PinkWood collaborated with Cano Coatings Inc. to develop a unique high speed application process to coat lumber and I-joists. The application process was developed and refined at a pilot facility in south Calgary. After operating the pilot plant for two years, we felt that we were ready to construct a new, high-speed joist manufacturing facility, which incorporated in-line coated technology. The plant commenced manufacturing operations in February 2014.

Fire Rated Coating - Burn Demo


Why we apply Fire Rated Coating:

1) DELAY THE IGNITION OF A FIRE: When wood coated with PKShield intumescent coating is exposed to flame, the coating begins to expand and forms a protective barrier between the ignition source and the wood. This barrier delays the time it takes for wood to actually ignite and sustain a flame compared to uncoated lumber.

2) REDUCE THE SPREAD OF FIRE: Should a fire occur, wood coated with PKShield intumescent coating slows the spread of flame, which offers additional time for occupants to escape the building and for emergency services to combat the fire.