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Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


Our Message to Homeowners

Our Message to Homeowners

As a new home purchaser, you should be aware of the fact that protected Fire Rated I-joists are now available. For essentially the same cost, your builder is able to provide you with a safer home. It’s in your interest to protect your family and your investment.

Why Fire Rated I-joists?

New home builders typically leave basements unfinished for the home owner to develop later. Essentially, this leaves the basement in a state of construction. Unfinished basements include exposed I-joists. Dry, uncoated I-joists can fail in as little as 4 to 5 minutes in the event of a fire.

Our SafeJoists are coated with PKshield, a Fire Rated intumescent coating that is difficult to ignite and provides a clean, pristine, finished look. Our SafeJoists provide important protection by drastically reducing their ability to ignite in the event of a fire, giving families time to get out of the home safely and reducing the hazard to fire fighters entering the burning house.

When it comes to fire protection, fire rated joists are far less costly than a sprinkler system or dry walling the underside of the main floor.

PKshield also includes a fungicide (like most latex paints) to reduce the likelihood of mildew. Since I-joists and other framing materials are exposed to elements during the construction phase, it is not uncommon for mildew to grow and remain undetected when the framing materials are closed in by drywall. The fungicide may not be effective against every strain of mildew, but it is formulated to counter the most common varieties.

PinkWood products contribute to a higher quality home, plus, when you use our products, you are supporting the search for a cure. For every gallon of intumescent paint we use, we contribute a royalty to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

By supporting PinkWood, our customers are supporting the Breast Cancer Foundation and North American producers of OSB and lumber.