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5929 6th St. NE
Calgary AB, T2K 5R5


Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


Our Message to Dealers

Our Message to Dealers

PinkWood Ltd. manufactures premium wooden I-joists and long length finger-joined structural lumber. Our dealers have confidence in the quality of our product and rely on our ability to deliver as promised.

We are the only producer in North America using high-speed equipment with fully integrated coating technology. You can feel confident that our I-joists meet all major North American building codes and are guaranteed to be free of  manufacturing defects.

PinkWood I-joists meet or exceed industry standards. Our I-joists are produced to precise tolerances, yield the best possible physical properties and maximize their strength. They resist warping, crowning and shrinking.

Our joists are available in five distinct series, from 9.5” through 24” in lengths up to 58' and are designed for use in residential and commercial applications.

We are the only I-joist manufacturer in the industry capable of coating joists in-line, giving us the advantage of having the most economical means of applying coatings to I-joists. This positions us well for future growth in the industry as it is expected that all I-joists will eventually require a minimum fire performance rating.

Our manufacturing process utilizes the best possible raw materials to yield the maximum possible strength properties. PinkWood's quality assurance program, monitored by the APA Engineered Wood Association, meets both the Canadian and US building code requirements (CCMC in Canada and ICC-ES in the US).

PinkWood's joists are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects and, when installed and handled properly, will perform in accordance with the published structural specifications.

Our Finger Joined Lumber (FJlumber) provides the construction industry with long length, structural lumber. There are many situations where the building industry requires lengths longer than are available from saw mills. Our facility is able to provide structural finger joined lumber in widths from 2 x 3 up to 2 x 10 and in lengths up to 48’, in grades #2 and better, up to 2100 MSR.

For every gallon of PKshield used in our coating process, we contribute a royalty to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for research to find a cure for cancer.