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5929 6th St. NE
Calgary AB, T2K 5R5


Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


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About Us


PinkWood has built a high speed I-Joist manufacturing facility in Calgary, which commenced commercial production in February, 2014. This plant is the most recent, and most versatile Joist Manufacturing facility ever built.

It has the capability of manufacturing the complete array of bare, unprotected wood joists (like the other producers), but it was also designed to coat the joists with specialized paints during the production process. PinkWood is able to produce Fire Rated Class “A” joists, Fire Rated Class “B” joists. In addition to this, the company is producing a joist specifically designed to meet the International Residential Code (IRC), which was enacted on a national level in 2012.

The decision to build this plant in Calgary was based on the following factors:

  1. The Western Canadian I-joist market exceeds $100 million annually, and this market was previously being serviced by product imported from the U.S. and Quebec.
  2.  These competitors have a major disadvantage in terms of freight costs which PinkWood does not incur. The cost of bringing their product to Western Canada adds between 20% and 25% to their costs.
  3.  The raw materials (OSB and SPF Lumber) required to manufacture joists are produced in Western Canada.
  4.  Over the past 50 years, the U.S. currency has typically been stronger than the Canadian dollar. This favours the Canadian producer in the domestic market, and it facilitates exports into the U.S. market.
  5. The PinkWood Management group has over 25 years’ experience in the Western Canadian joist industry.
  6. There are no other long length, high speed producers in Western Canada.

Mission Statement

PinkWood is striving to produce the most advanced lumber based building products specifically designed to make a home safer. Wherever possible we will seek to develop and manufacture wood products that are coated to reduce the dangers of fire and mold, both during the construction process and for the duration of occupancy by the home owner.

Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service and products that meet the highest possible standard of quality. Our products meet or exceed all code standards, conform to highest quality standards, and are manufactured in accordance with environmental and health standards.

Why the Name is "PinkWood"?

When our customers use PinkWood products, they are supporting the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in their search for a cure. For every gallon of paint used in our coating process, we contribute a royalty to the Foundation.

Our company name, "PinkWood", was inspired by the Canadian Breast Cancer's Pink Ribbon campaign and demonstrates our pledge of long-term support for the Foundation as it strives to create a future without cancer.

While unprotected I-joists provide architectural flexibility and excellent structural integrity, they do not provide sufficient fire protection. At Cook Custom Homes we exclusively use PinkWood’s fire rated I-joists. Our customers appreciate that we use products that protect their investment and their family.
— Brian Cook, Cook Custom Homes