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5929 6th St. NE
Calgary AB, T2K 5R5


Pinkwood's Engineered Wood I-joists and finger joined lumber are manufactured in western Canada with Class A & Class B fire ratings


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Engineered Floor System Guarantee

 Guaranteed for life

PinkWood joists are manufactured to meet or exceed the rigorous engineering and testing standards set by every major code approval agency in North America. All PinkWood joist products are unconditionally guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. PinkWood Ltd. guarantees that its PinkWood joist products, when installed and handled as per the PKjoist Installation Guide, will perform in accordance with the published structural specifications.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs due to a manufacturing defect, PinkWood shall be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the product on site. If this evaluation reveals a problem due to manufacturing defects, the situation shall be promptly corrected.

Quality Assurance

PinkWood I-joists are manufactured under a strict quality assurance program. The quality assurance program is audited by the APA Engineered Wood association. The APA Engineered Wood Association currently audits approximately 70% of North American I-joist manufacturers.



Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. has conducted testing for PinkWood Ltd. to evaluate the surface burning characteristics of fire rated PKI wood I-joists. Testing was conducted in accordance with the standard methods for surface burning characteristics of building materials and assemblies.                               

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) was developed in compliance with ISO14025 and ISO 21930 and has been verified under UL Environment's EPD*.

The EPD includes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results for all processes up to the point that wood I-joists are packaged and ready for shipment at the manufacturing gate. The cradle-to-gate product system includes the cradle-to-gate product systems for lumber, OSB, the transportation of these inputs to I-joists plants and I-joist production.

Wood products stand alone as a green building material.

* Produced by EPD American Wood Council and Canadian Wood Council

PinkWood is committed to producing environmentally friendly products. Our I-joists are comprised of building materials with the following environmental benefits:

  1. Use nearly 50% less wood than traditional lumber joists
  2. Manufactured with safe, environmentally friendly binders
  3. Utilize lumber from small diameter, rapidly renewable trees grown in responsibly managed forests